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Increase your chances of success for a job position with a resume well translated into French or Spanish. Our native translators adjust your resume to help you achieve your career goals, even if you have a very technical document as in the field of finance, electronics or mechanics.

All words and phrases are translated correctly as required by the market you target. Our translators specialised in several areas will do their best to localise your resume and ensure it is well argued for getting the job you are applying for. The format and layout will be, too, identical to the original copy.

We guarantee a perfect translation in French and that in a very short time. Our agency ensures that the new translated version will be well localised in the required language and our translators will provide corrections and optimisations necessary to promote your success chances. Refer us your resume for an immediate translation quote.

You want to check and correct your resume already written in spanish. We also have translators specialising in proofreading and correction. Our language experts are able to control your translation carefully and correct any grammatical and spelling imperfections.

Looking for a job position in a renowned company in France ? But you doubt your ability to translation? Refer us your resume, we will send you a translation quote in a short time.

You want to translate your cover letter in spanish and apply in a multinational company ? We offer a complete translation in accordance with the criteria and standards used in America to increase your chances of success.

If you have a resume available in PDF or Word format, consisting of a page or more (in French), and on the legal profession in Business Law (specialisation: capital markets). And if you want to translate it into spanish and then apply, we will offer you our best translators who are familiar with the terminology of the Spanish language in order to provide you with a perfect and flawless translation.

Please find in the table below a French-English glossary that you can use to translate your own resume in this pair of languages.

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    Adapting the resume to the position, the language and the target region.
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    We guarantee the timely receipt of your translations.
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    To improve your credibility, our proofreading team is at your service.
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